About Us


Pizzeria Mazzie is a true neighborhood pizzeria with roots in Brooklyn New York.  Jon Spearman is the Pizzaman and Proprietor where Pizzeria Mazzie is known for using a natural leavening process combined with traditional bread making techniques.  Fresh imported premium flours are blended to create a light and flavorful dough with a slightly crunchy yet moist crumb, chewy texture and a creamy sourdough taste.  Jon uses custom made Japanese red cedar wood proofing boxes that impart a slightly bitter-sweet scent and taste, building a complex flavor profile to the dough.    

A hand-made Acunto oven from a family-owned Pizza oven builder in Naples, Italy was built for specifically for Pizzeria Mazzie and is among the best ovens for pizza making in the world.  He uses locally sourced hardwood to bake at a high temperature in order to give a slightly smoky and carmelized finish to the pizza.    

How about the Pizza's ?


Only the best and freshest premium and handmade ingredients are used for topping the light and airy dough.   Jon sources fresh, local vegetables using organic and sustainable farming methods from small farms in Thailand, whenever possible.    

Creativity and respect for tradition inspires an ever evolving pizza menu along with weekly specials using seasonal produce.  

Mazzie was born in Brooklyn


The long and storied history of pizza and the traditions of local, casual pizzeria's that make up many of New York's greatest neighborhoods,  are what inspires Jon and Pizzeria Mazzie.  

Tradition and respect for the craft, creating a modern pizzeria atmosphere in a beautiful setting.