About Us

Pizzeria Mazzie

(MAH-ZEE) is a New York Style Pizzeria with roots from Brooklyn, New York.  

The owners, Jon and Lena, both have restaurant backgrounds.  Jon worked in restaurants until he began a second career as a Business Executive based in Asia.  Lena comes from a restaurant family, owning and managing Thai restaurants in Asia and also is a registered Chinese M.D.  

After many years living and traveling in Asia, missing the local pizzeria's that are typical in New York, the idea to open a comfortable and friendly Pizzeria with fresh and approachable American comfort food was born.  Great pizza, meatballs, salads, an interesting natural wine list and craft beer menu and a fun and relaxed atmosphere where friendly owners remember who you are.  This is Pizzeria Mazzie.  

How about the Pizza?

Mazzie is a creative take on pizza, where the traditional pizza rules are respected with fresh and naturally leavened dough as the primary focus.   

The dough is made using traditional techniques not commonly found in modern baking.  Naturally leavened dough that develops unique and distinct flavors and texture of the wheat flour by using a starter.  No dried yeasts or additives - only 3 all natural ingredients (and lots of patience) goes into the dough.  A high hydration and naturally fermented dough, with high heat from a wood burning Acunto oven and only fresh, natural toppings to create an original and familiar, New York pizzeria atmosphere.  

Only the best and freshest ingredients are used. We only buy unique and naturally cured salami’s, cheeses, all-natural flours, unprocessed sea salt and unfiltered oils for a fresh and delicious taste of Pizza.  We buy fresh, local vegetables and support organic and sustainable farming methods from small farms in Thailand.  

Mazzie was born in Brooklyn

In New York, high heat ovens using coal or wood as fuel and creativity make the best pizza's.  At Pizzeria Mazzie, we use a custom made Acunto oven from Naples, that is known for the 'low dome' shape and high heat used in a traditional style of baking to bring our take on New York style pizza to Bangkok.  

We welcome you to come eat with us, try a new and interesting natural wine or a unique craft beer, and enjoy a deliciously fresh and creative take on pizza.